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This document describes how to configure the mobile to access the Internet.

These are the steps to follow once the Tecsphone SIM card is inserted for the first time.

For carrying out the portability of your mobile number or to activate a new mobile number, you must configure the mobile properly so that the service works correctly.

  • Activate the voice service, you must make an outgoing call.
  • Activate the data service you must configure the APN (Access Point Name) on your mobile or tablet to enjoy the contracted data bonus.

These are the steps to follow once the Tecsphone SIM card is inserted for the first time.

Configuration APN ( in Android

(The configuration is make with a smartphone, version of Android 6.0.1)

In "Settings", go to "Mobile networks". In this case you need to click on "More" to find the option. Select "APN" or "Access point names".

After, click on:  To add new APN Save

Configuration APN ( in iOS

(This configuration in make with iOS 11.2.2)

To configure the AON and get connectivity terminals with Apple iOS operating system, you must install the configuration profile found on our server.

(warning)  To download the profile, copy and paste the next link in the browserof the Apple device (Safari)

(warning)  It will be necessary to access with WiFi  because the device can't yet make use of the mobile data network.

If appear the next message, click on "Allow"

Once downloaded, the installation can be performed. To do so, please go to your iPhone Settings and click on Downloaded Profile


After clicking the Install button, a Consent Dialog will be shown; click on "Next" and then "Install"


A confirmation will be requested, please click on "Install". The APN has been installed, to conclude click on "OK"


Configuration APN ( in Windows phone

(The configuration will be make with a smartphone, version of Windows Phone 8.1)

In the application list, go to "Settings" and click "Mobile network and SIM"

It will be necessary to hae the option of data roaming and national voice activated. To add the APN, you must access

"Settings SIM - Add internet APN"

If you have a dual SIM phone, you must click on "SIM 1 configuration" or "SIM 2 configuration" depending on the SIM that will be used for the mobile data connection.

Click on APN and add the following address:


In case of any incident, you can contact to TECSENS® by email (preferably), at the address and also by phone, during business hours, by calling +34902 884 080.

Our Customer Service hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. (no holidays)
  • Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (no holidays)